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Focaccia Bianca

We designed the 'Jukbuin pavilion' for the ongoing EME3 international architecture festival in barcelona, spain. Responding to the challenges of a collapse-risk world, the structure was desired to be efficient and require less energy. merging weaving techniques from traditional basketry and engineered wood such as plywood, the supporting framework is an elastic timber gridshell. The interwoven planks are highly flexible while maintaining rigidity for stability while producing a lightweight and bendable form. The 90 square meter interior space is formed with 15 wisa birch boards which have been sliced into 5 cm strips. the resulting pieces are cut into 280 repeated and 30 elements of 3 different sizes. the cumulative weight is 260 kilos. Made from renewable material, the triaxial building technique simplifies the fabrication process without the use of screws and also minimizes site waste. The self-standing pavilion was completed in a short assembly time despite the tight budget.