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The X-Madrid dome is a landmark in the Alcorcón metropolitan landscape and the icon of the shopping center reform. For the cover of the main outer space of the enclosure an explicitly enthusiastic form is designed, collecting the activity of a public square that is designed as diaphanous, permeable to the breeze and sifted light: a metropolitan agora.

This new centrality pole is made with a polygonal structure of steel beams and cover with a membrane of 75 meters in diameter in plan and a free height 25 meters, offering a technological aesthetic oriented to the spectacle away from the plastic image traditionally associated with the centers commercial . The continuous surface is a membrane formed by 19 coneides tensioned by floating masts and a continuous sinuous perimeter tensioned by cables.

The polygonal structure of beams increases the valence of its nodes as it approaches the supports and globally approaches a spherical cap which includes a cantilever beam that works like a strap and extends the membrane as a shed collecting the visitors to the perimeter buildings.