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Parametric Design in Architecture

Master's degree

After 4 years of experimenting with contents and pedagogic formats at the successful Parametric Architecture intensive course held at ETSAV, Ramon Sastre leading CODA and The Metropolitan School of Architecture direction have decided to take a step forward in the education of future professionals. Today we are presenting the new master degree Parametric Design in Architecture.

Further info

Structure and syllabus

The Master is organized into two four-month postgraduate courses, 16/18 weeks each, which can be taken together to obtain the Master degree, or separately. For the Master’s degree it is also compulsory to register for the Master Thesis (6 ECTS). Each annual post-graduate course is structured in a thematic module of 27 ECTS.

Digital Design and Fabrication

Design process in general, and particularly in architecture, is a complex process that involves a combination of knowledge, skills, experiences, practices, etc. In recent decades it emerges clearly and unstoppable trend, the so-called digital design, which adds to all the aforementioned factors the use of digital tools. All these techniques converge in parametric design. Already vividly present in the first half of the twentieth century in the automotive sector (geometric design) finally impact on architectural design which represents a new step that has led to a new type of Architecture.

Performative Parametric Design

At the end of this second postgraduate course the students will be able to offer skills on handling parametric tools applied to architectural design in all its aspects. Skills that could hardly be obtained through independent courses just based on using parametric software and hardware.


The faculties of the Master will be diverse, most of them currently teaching in the schools of architecture at the UPC, mainly in the ETSAV. At the same time, other parametric-design professionals will be incorporated in a more general concept beyond architecture. It is intended, as it has already been shown previously, to impart a general architectural formation using parametric design, expressly avoiding partial and exclusive approaches to parametric software or digital fabrication.


Once the students have qualified the 60 ECTS of MaPDArch they will:

• Be fluent in Parametrics and Algorithmics.
• Acquire both a solid theoretical and technical framework and a strong set of practical parametric design skills.
• Understand digital design paradigm shift, the impact in our society and its state of the art technology.
• Become a professional in the use of software and hardware.
• Be able to lead cutting-edge architectural performance driven design teams understanding the integration of efficiency at design processes.
• Develop a critical attitude in the design itself, so that the knowledge gained will serve for a better, more sustainable and comfortable architecture.
• Improve the competitiveness of professionals in architectural design, based on novelty, change and evolution.
• Achieve and shape a work niche, a new form of enterprise, taking advantage of the entrepreneurial nature of future professionals in parametric design.