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Pliable structures with rigid couplings for parallel leaf-springs

Pliable timber torus pavilion

In the search of low ecological footprint, lightweight and high-performing technology, bending-active approach has been proposed to be appropriate for kinetic and transformable structures. While traditional deployable structures base their transformability on their hinges topology, pliable structures are based on the elastic deformation of elements. This paper will focus on the feasibility and serviceability of timber pliable bending-active structures by presenting two systems based on rigid couplings of coplanar flat planks. We discuss then their potential in simplifying manufacturing and assembling processes of kinetic systems by the enhancement of the elastic properties of the material, and efficient yet simple fabrication. This paper will present a topological classification of a variety of pliable structures based on rigid couplings. Furthermore it will discuss the implementation in architectural scale of one of the derived systems in a deployable fast-erected pavilion.