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Sergi Serrat UMA1 director kindly invited us to teach a one-week course on experimental structures. We called it The Active Geometry Workshop.

We revisited the history of architecture to discover how architects have defined new structural, energetic or urban behaviours through, what we consider, an active use of the form. We did it through two vectors: Recognizing the times of crisis as moments when a highly formal experimentation occurs and understanding concepts like form-finding and design-through-algorithms as creative engines.

The assignment was splitted in three parts:

  1. Syntax / Topology Explorations where students had to develope topological variations through the aggregation of a repeated piece, encouraging them to discover the laws that operate behing reciprocal structures

  2. Lexicon / Aggregation Explorations where students had to re-think the piece they were iteratively aggregating through heuristic variations, defining as well the aggregation laws, the structural behaviour and the spatial perception of the model.

  3. Semantics/ Hybrid Work aiming the students to build self-standing structures that could, through a scale variation, become habitable.

The final Kaleidoscope Pavilion was designed by students Anton, Sonja, Valek, Johan.