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During the timber week in barcelona, Gabarró , the main local distributor of timber asked the team to design and build a shelter for the event host at the Prat royal golf course. Extending the research in deployable gridshells the team proposed to the build the largest transportable flat compactable gridshell.
We presented a novel flat and compactable (FC) undeployement of doubly-curved geodesic gridshells .The discretization of a smooth doubly-curved surface in geodesic curves is well known in the gridhsell research field, for the simplification of the construction of complex shapes by using flat and straight planks and planar joints, but here we provided a planar configuration enhancing transport and providing cost-effective alternative erection process.
The challenge was the erection process at large scale from flat to doubly curved, and with simple mechanical help. The simple strategy was to pull from a rigid frame with the final positions of four points of the grid. The initial chords connecting the frame to the points were inclined and thus when the frame was pulled helped to open the grid by the tangential component of the force.
In terms of production, the long planks had to be manufactured from small plywood boards and then connected. The team used 8 boards of 15 mm thickness, processed by cnc planking, boring and letter engraving. The plywood boards used had 2 faces, a complete rough face for connections, and a phenolic polished side ensuring frictionless at the hinges. At the golf course very placidly amid grass fields and sounds of birds, the team assembled the planks and build the net. The erection went far smoother than predicted.