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Sant Cugat del Vallès

Commissioned by FesCamp, a sustainability focused project self-organized and driven by the Mirasol community, Timbernacle is a greenhouse for plantels, a facility with lockers and storage, and a canopy. It consists of 32 expanded arches with no hinges, with different linings for its different uses. Transparent celular polycarbonate for the plants, translucent for the facilities and a deciduous vegetal screen for the canopy.

By means of sustainability and a very low budget the building structure re-uses the former structure of TorÚs, a project from 2013 that was saved and stored. Timbernacle is the last and final stage of a three time-step prototype testing, as part of the office’s research on elastic pliable structures. The permanent configuration has been assembled and reassembled three times, for 3 days back then in 2013 at a festival and three months in the Design Museum of Barcelona, proving its reusability.