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Algorithmics in Technology in Architecture

Project development on construction designs and structural facilities


  1. Ability to propose a new design of a structure
  2. Ability to parametrize building details a modify them accordingly
  3. Ability to analyse comfort and parametrize it
  4. Ability to apply parametric design to concrete formwork construction
  5. Ability to be improve old technologies
  6. Ability to design building installations parametrically
  7. Prototyping
  8. Innovation

Previous requirements

  1. Analysis and design of structures: Frameworks, bars, meshes, etc.
  2. Analysis and design of building installations.
  3. Knowledge and competence to design Details in Architecture.

Learning activities

Study cases of typical building technology projects
Building site vists
Innovative design as practice.
Lectures. Study and readings by the participant.

Evaluation system

Class attendence, exercises and practice deliverings.
Projects with parametric building technology.