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Parametric Design with BIM

Application of existing BIM architectural software in parametric design

The course intends to show the benefits of joining parametric design and BIM. Learn its potential while we review the current available technologies. From parametric modelling of BIM elements to data management.

  1. Bentley: + AECOsim GenerativeComponents.
  2. Autodesk: Revit + Dynamo.
  3. McNeel: Rhino + Grasshopper.


  1. Acquire a basic and generic knowledge about the implementation of parametrics to BIM.
  2. State of the art of the different platforms, software and plug-ins.
  3. Basic knowledge of BIM modeling and management.
  4. Parametric BIM modeling and data management in practice.

Previous requirements

Basic knowledge of parametric modeling
Basic knowledge of spreadsheets (eg. Excel).

Learning activities

The course methodology will be theoretical and practical work, in class and autonomously (online). Theoretical sessions where different experts in the world of construction will explaintheir vision and experiences on real cases. These sessions will draw a map of current solutions and will allow the student to focus in one platform.

Then the student will be allowed to work in the chosen plattform to master their skills on modelling parametric BIM objects as manage BIM data.

Evaluation system

Two practical exercises (one to be developped in class and another autonomous).
Theoretical exam.