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Parametric Design in Planning and Landscape

Designing from urban data mining

The reading of the territory is becoming more complex, the number of elements, indices, information, layers that are involved… are increasing. This course's aim is immersion in the analysis and the staging of various parameters, from the point of view of what is reported to us about the city or region. By modifying these parameters,we can,change the city or territory.

By inserting the current dynamism to the project of the city or territory, we change the parameters as well as how they can impact us. How we draw it, and to which direction the project pushes us.

Water, vegetation, infiltration / permeability, topography, infrastructure, density, uses. How we can parameterize these concepts and how they can help us in the design process. It will be a journey where the end point will depend on the student's work as well as the findings of the joint working group, where a node affects the rest of the structure.


Generic contributing to matter

Capacity for analysis and synthesis
Ability to apply knowledge in practice
Ability to generate new ideas (creativity)
Ability to adapt to new situations
Ability to be critical and self-critical
Ability to learn
Design and project
Specific contributing to matter

New ways of seeing common and everyday topics, as an opportunity to generate new proposals
Analysis of different fields crossing and its possibilities on landscape or city planning.

Previous requirements

3D CAD prior experience
Basic programming experience

Learning activities

The learning methodology is based on: -

Classes with analysis and proposed exercises, exercise and subsequent exposure
Video lessons
Evaluable Activities
Study and readings by the participant.

Evaluation system

Class attendence and online sessions will be assessed, exercises / presented papers and exposure.
Students must attend a minimum of 80% of classes.