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Studio 2

Postproduction and building

In the second semester of the course will increase the complexity of the exercises and introduced other issues close to the materiality of specific projects, the technology used in the process of parametric design and new processes production, prefabrication and rapid prototyping. We propose that students can see through practical exercises, such architectures schematic only designed with hand tools can become architectural complex systems that respond to a wider range of parameters. The inclusion of more parameters to existing architecture, we may be able to get to the places where it is impossible otherwise, or consider other layers with a much higher precision than the traditional way of designing. It poses a long-term exercise, which may be Final Master himself, consisting of a rethink of these existing architectures, architecture and setting a program already set made from the traditional methodology, and applying a new parametric methodology to convert it into another architecture, complex content which improves the performance of the original architecture by incorporating rigorous new layers and parameters.