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Kuroba stool’s formal volume responds as a massive and heavy object, as if it was a sculpted log. When scrolling down to its feet, the viewer will understand the real nature: a skin that folds over itself with ease to embrace an empty volume, that opposes the initial idea and succeeds in transmitting its lightness condition.
The geometry of the stool emerges from the forming of 3 rectangular pieces made of plywood that surround and gird the surrounding edge of a round top that works as the seating platform. Afterwards, they are assembled together on the opposite side, from the inside, face to face and perpendicularly to the direction of each of the sheets that gain stiffness through curvature. This disposition while folding offers the stool structural stability, as a shell, allowing these minimum thickness sheets to deform elastically and to be assembled by a single workman, simplifying the fabrication process as well as economic and energetic costs.