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Design’s strategy responds to ergonomic criteria using paper folding techniques that develop curved surfaces as overlapping petals. Following classic origami tradition, the folding of its edges, curved in this particular case, in order to produce the geometry, develops a simple sheet.
Its main goals are achieving a minimum material and energetic effort-avoiding expensive thermoforming processes involving moulds that generate waste-while optimizing assemblage and transport.
The process begins with the production of a sandwich panel, interlaying a flexible sheet between two micro laminated wooden panels. Next, the curved edges thet later will be folded are mechanized with a CNC machine without cutting the middle flexible sheet. The resulting straight and curved trenches are folded. Finally, the supporting metal structure is attached.
This technology, close to patterning, allows the development of adaptive furniture, which is foldable and detachable through a highly efficient and easy assembling system, and opens the possibilities to new models and variations.