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Nuvol de fil

The strategy consists of covering the biggest possible surface with shade and humidity through 3 hits: an enormous but very cheap fishing net, a resistant perimeter but elastic that features humidifiers, a standard glass fibre tube; a temporary and affordable structure, some scissor lifts.
In this textile structure, pre-tension is achieved through a practical way, using very few elements, being possible thanks to the reciprocal rigidness of the perimeter and the net. This pre-tension is based on the elastic deformation of the glass fibre tube, which is previously bent due to the restrictions imposed by the surveying. This kind of structure looks like the hyperbolic growth structures, where radial growth increases producing lateral bending on the beam’s web. The fish known as Spanish dancer feature this principle to swim in the ocean, and Enneper’s minimal surfaces are characteristics of the perimeter’s size progressive growth.